What's the secret to successful online fraud and risk mitigation as a merchant?


Get insight into tools, resources and KPIs leading retailers are utilizing to lower fraud rates. Access the latest industry fraud data and performance benchmarks to optimize your business. Receive:
  • Top fraud management metrics - fraud, order rejection and chargeback win rates
  • Manual review rates
  • Customer ordering experience across all sales channels
  • Adoption rates of fraud tools and their efficacy
  • Fraud challenges and merchant priorities
Understand where the industry is headed, how businesses plan for the future, technologies currently used by companies and those they plan to adopt and common merchant challenges. Key takeaways include:
  • MRC members reported 29% lower fraud losses and higher conversion rates
  • Payment fraud - MRC merchants have lower fraud revenue losses (0.5%) compared with non-MRC merchants (0.7%)
  • Rejected orders - MRC merchants rejected 2.6% of orders due to suspected fraud while non-MRC merchants rejected 3.1%
  • Manual review - Declined from 12% in 2014 to 8% in 2016

"The Global Fraud Survey is one of the leading industry fraud surveys that Microsoft benchmarks itself against."

Sam Anson
Commerce Relationship Manager, Microsoft

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