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Average percentage of eCommerce revenue, globally speaking, that merchants spend on managing fraud
Percentage of surveyed merchants globally who believe issuers incorrectly file disputed transactions as fraud
On average, merchants use up to 3 different approaches or techniques to optimize payment authorization

2022 Global Payments and Fraud Report

This illuminating report, produced by the Merchant Risk Council, Cybersource and Verifi, provides the latest industry fraud trends, fraud management methods, and payment strategies used by merchants globally, along with a robust set of performance benchmarks that can help with the optimization of payments and fraud management and prevention practices.

What can you expect to learn?

  • What effect is fraud having on merchant businesses today?
  • What types of fraud attacks are merchants experiencing and where are they most vulnerable?
  • What strategic and tactical approaches are merchants using to prevent and manage fraud?
  • What practices and partners are merchants using to accept eCommerce payments?
  • How are merchants optimizing payment processes and platforms?
  • And much more

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